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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: we are following breaking news, and active homicide investigation in district heights. a live report on that in a moment, but first, a teacher arrested for child sexual abuse allegedly happening at oyster-adams school in
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northwest. tom, what is the latest? om: the school is behind me on 19th street. according to d.c. police, this involved a juvenile at oyster-adams. it is a large school, bilingual teaching spanish and english. this is close-up video. giovanni pena is the name of the teacher that has been accused, 31 years old, charged with second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. according to the police, they received allegations involving pena yesterday, then charged him today. we spoke with d.c. public schools, and they sent a statement that read in part, "as soon as we became aware of the situation, we acted promptly to remove the teacher from the school and fully cooperate with mpd in its investigation." giovanni pena, 31 years old according to the school website, a fourth grade teacher at the
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school. d.c. police saying this allegation involved a juvenile at the school. d.c. police are also being -- also asking anyone with information about pena or possible obligations to please contact them. live in northwest, tom roussey abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. also following breaking news from prince george's county. the police are investigating a homicide in district heights. a man was found suffering trauma to his body, later dying at the hospital. jay korff is live at the search for the suspect, happening right now. jay: here is what we know right now -- the focus of the homicide investigation is the housing complex behind me on walters lane in district heights. the police say the victim was assaulted here, but here is where the story takes a bizarre twist. according to authorities, at 6:20 this evening, they found
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the victim in or near a car that had actually pulled up to the maryland state police barracks, about a mile or so down the road. they went to help this man, who was in grave condition. a short time later, he was pronounced dead. a lot to work through, trying to figure out how this person -- if he drove himself to the barracks, if somebody else drove him and fled. they are trying to piece that together. detectives have swarmed the scene, asking a lot of questions, trying to figure out what is going on. at this point, no suspect and name has not been revealed. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: stay with abc 7 for latebreaking developments, and you can sign up for alerts on your phone at enter your phone number and we
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will keep you posted. a suit would woman is dead after a cosmetic procedure in new york city -- a suitland woman. testing is underway to find out what were in the injections. as well as the search for the woman who was holding the needle. richard reeve has the latest.d: nypd detectives are now looking for the woman who was believed to be at the center of this. the homeowner of the house in queen said the person who rents that room had a basement apartment, a nursing professional, a nurses assistant . she said the woman who did the procedure may not have any medical training at all. it was to this queens home that kelly mayhew and her mother traveled to have a procedure known as a butt lift. at something mayhew began
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having trouble breathing. somebody in the basement called 911. but instead of helping, the person giving the injections allegedly fled. detectives are testing the materials in the injections. coworkers at bet, where mayhew worked, expressed sadness. >> very surprised to hear that somebody came over there for a medical procedure. >> very surprised. there is no door's living over there. -- there is no nurse living over there. it's very surprising. richard: emt's try to save mayhew but she passed away at an area hospital. bet said, "we are saddened by the death of our colleague and friend. our hearts go out to her family and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss."
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the family has no comment. some folks outside of bet expressed sorrow and concern but did not want to speak on camera. autopsy results the big issue right now for the police as they are looking for this woman who they believe did this. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, rich. changing gears after a cold, rainy day, there is some relief tonight. we are not done with showers yet, though. steve rudin give us a outlook. steve: the heaviest of the rain to the south, along the virginia-nborder. live doppler radar, it is quiet or dry around the capital beltway, just a few showers in prince george's county, near annapolis, not amounting to a whole lot through the overnight. a cool start wednesday comedy temperatures middle to upper 50's, the highs only in the middle 60's. if you have had enough of the cooler air, the clouds come the
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showers, changes are on the way with a warmer we get ahead. leon: moving on, a suspect remains on the loose deadly highway shooting last thursday in d.c. officers say that it started along the gw parkway in alexandria. two cars were cutting each other off, minutes later shots were fired on 295 north. one man was killed, one was hurt. the police are giving information about a dark green or black theater or honda, mid 1990's model, with three men in the back seat. a teenager now facing charges for a stabbing inside of a high school. this happened at frederick douglass high. a-old was stabbed with a pocket knife, but has nonlife threatening injuries. a 14-year-old is facing charges and suffered minor injuries. they believe this started because of a fight. his arrest sent shockwaves
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across the d.c. regionwint accused of killing four people inside of a d.c. mansion. tonight, the case against wint and the legal battles that lie ahead. >> i don't feel that he is the type that would never harm a child. he grew up with a large family of kids and he has a daughter. tom: he is defending daron wint against far lesser charges in the past. >> he was not found guilty in any of these cases. tom: he is talking to the family about possibly defending him this time. he spent two hours with him at jail saturday. >> he feels that the police moved in rather quickly along with the mayor and u.s. attorneys office and branded him. tom: what about the evidence, his dna allegedly found on a pizza delivered the night before the fire in deaths of the savbop oulos family and their housekeeper?
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>> just because somebody's dna is at a particular time and location but the crime occurs later, you have to fill in the gap. the police have not done that yet. tom: what about the cash that was found inside of his vehicle the night he was captured matching the denominations left at the home? >> it seems that if you kill somebody for the money, you will keep the money with you and not with your friends because you do not know what will happen that way. : tom tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: the pentagon is investigating whether live anthrax was brought into the building. they recently received a shipment of the substance that was supposed to be an active, but several batches of live anthrax were accidentally shipped from the proving ground in utah. the president signs off on adjustments to the nsa
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surveillance program. the senate sent a bill to the president's desk today, just days after lawmakers allow the phone culture program to lapse. the new legislation faces out the old program. it will keep records with phone companies. the government will still be able to search those records with proper warrants. a 7 on your side consumer alert, takata will cut production of a propellant used in some air bags, the chemical used and listed as part of the airbag ruptures that killed six people. takatan alternative what a year ago. -- an alternative propellant a year ago. some of the replacement airbags may need to be replaced again. >> we deeply regret each instance in which somebody has been injured or killed. we are committed in doing everything in our power to address the safety concerns raised by airbag ruptures. leon: there is still no complete
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listing of the 34 million recalled vehicles with the air backs. so far, seven of the 11 carmakers using those airbags say their vehicles are affected. tonight, interest moving in a new direction. --pintrest moving in a different direction. and a major movie theater chain under investigation.
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leon: the cars of the future set to be here in our backyard, traveling 70 miles, part of an initiative announced this week. the self driving cars will be traveling portions of interstate 95 495 and 66. i guess they want to hit the really bad roads to drive on.
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virginia is one of four states along with the district that will allow these vehicles to be test it. during a hearing on capitol hill amtrak's ceo took responsibility for the crash in philadelphia. the national transportation safety board says technology would have slow down the train enough to keep it on the tracks. >> it was amtrak strain on our railroad and we are responsible for the incident. i regret it equally. leon: the ntsb preliminary report ruled out mechanical failure. it is still my clear if the engineer was using his phone or was distracted. it is also not clear if damage to the windshield was caused by objects hitting the train before the crash. the justice department is investigating the country's three largest movie theater chains. the doj wants to know if regal
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amc, and cinema were keeping movies out. southwest is rolling out a nationwide fair sale that will cover travel from august 24 until december 16, with some holidays blackout. prices are based on roughly the mouse to the destination. the sale ends thursday. fans of pinterest the site is making it easier to purchase diy projects. use can click on the -- users can click on the buy button next to the pin. 93% of active pinners say they use the site. a monkey on a commercial plane.
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this was on an american airlines flight into reagan national getting a tour of the cockpit. crystal is not just any monkey she is an actress. she has been in 26 movies including "night at the museum." no word on why crystal is in the district, but it could be connected with a lifetime achievement award. she won a "pawcar." steve: those are hard to get. we had heavy rain this morning and tonight, and all of that is out of here. just a few showers. outside, the temperature made it up to 72 degrees. you are probably saying it fell cooler, but that was about 5:40 this morning, that is slipped into the 60's during the daylight and had a hard time getting traction. the ever tried this time of year is 80 degrees.
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-- the average high this time of year is 80 degrees. the wind has picked up out of the north northeast at 15. the cold front has moved to the south. that is where most of the shower activity is located right now. the temperatures have not moved a lot. 58 dulles, near 60 degrees martinsburg. the doppler radar, inside the beltway, for the most part dry. prince george's county near the chesapeake bay, that is where we have a few showers. not going to amount to a whole lot, but may see some patchy fog early tomorrow morning. don't expect any travel delays, the airports should be fine coming in and out of reagan national and dulles. the satellite radar, the wider view, northern virginia, d.c., maryland, for the most part most of the activity to the east. another area heavy rain to the south lung the virginia-north carolina border. this slowly moves to the north
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tomorrow, and as you head out the door tomorrow, grabbed the umbrella. you will not need sunglasses, i guarantee that. the cold front that has settled to the southwest will begin heading north as a warm front. that means warmer air and temperatures on the way as we head toward the end of the week. the coolest of the year boston, june 2, 47 degrees. we get rid of the cold air. tonight it will be cool, middle to upper 50's, may have some patchy fog drizzle. showers in the forecast tomorrow, once again scattered showers. it will not be a washout. we continue that thursday. then we crank up the heat and humidity and to the upcoming weekend. the high tomorrow well below average, 66 degrees. cloudy skies. the wind out of the northeast at six to 12. i promised milder temperatures, you got a, upper 70's friday
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the were, 20% chance of a passing shower or thunderstorms saturday. the better of the two days for the weekend, sunday low humidity, sunshine upper 70's. and no clouds. leon: that is the target. steve: we could always change it, though. leon: don't do me any favors. [laughter] robert: desean jackson is back and working. sports is coming up.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: we start with baseball the double-header for the nats. max scherzer gets the start for the night cap, six innings. tyler moore sends one down the right-field line, bryce harper scores. 1-1.
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sixth inning, the nats up 3 max scherzer gets rocked. that is a three run shot. toronto takes the lead. a would score six unanswered runs in the nats lose, 7-3. different story in the day game the only scoring came in the bottom of the fifth. bryce harper lines the single to center, george zimmerman would store -- ryan zimmerman would score. the nats win 2-0. o's-astros, bottom of the third, evan gattis at the plate. so long, three run shot. houston wins 6-4. the orioles have lost four in a row. desean jackson is back after being absent from the first week of ota's. the redskins tweeted pictures
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and video. jackson made it back into the area monday after being in california. before that, he was spotted in cleveland at the eastern conference finals, hanging out with lebron. heroes with the redskins fullback had to say about jackson's return. -- here is what the redskins fullback had to say about jackson's return. >> we were joking with him today, but he had stuff to handle. we are a team. robert: nba finals, abc 7 the warriors all-star guard has been cleared to play. he has completed the nba concussion protocol and will play game one thursday night. he was back after taking that need to his head in the golden state series when they want against the rockets. it has not been done since 1978. could american pharaoh be a
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triple crown hero? the question on everybody's mind, will he be the first horse to break the 37 year drought? getting the triple crown. and after taking the l.a. regional, the terps baseball team will take on virginia and a best-of-three series beginning friday at 4 p.m. game two saturday at 3 p.m. clay thompson is back. leon: then we will have the perfect matchup. check this out, something that has never been done before. >> i'm in the uncomfortable stage now.
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leon: it is one of the most hated to get in shape but it works. this california fitness pro held the longest. the 57-year-old retired marine held the position for an astounding five hours, 15 minutes. they placed ice chips underneath to keep him hydrated. this was not just personal glory, it was raising money for the semper fi fund.
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i would just be happy to get five hours of sleep.
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leon: get these clouds out of here. steve: absolutely, we get to warm up a little bit tomorrow, middle 60's, lower 70's thursday. thursday afternoon, more sunshine, friday looks better. saturday looks fantastic with the exception of a few passing showers and storms. sunday even better, lower humidity upper 70's. leon: have a good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight from "spy", allison janney. paul dano. the national spelling bee champs. and music from hiatus kaiyote. with cleto and the cletones. and now, once again here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪